Matchmaking is bonkers rn, FIX IT PLEASE


I just had the most unfair matchup I’ve ever seen on this game. How is this okay? Hello? Anybody there? Did the captains abandon this obviously sinking ship? :passenger_ship: :rowing_man:

A diamond (or whatever the cyan is) rank, and a gold vs a bronze and a silver (me) ?? No thanks. Disregarding the mythic (or wtv, again) ranks since they match.

I hope there’s no answer mentioning the “oh but if they win they don’t get that many points” :unamused:, because this is just christmas for the opponents…


There isn’t a huge amount of players Null.

Also, he’s too ugly for Christmas. xD


If it takes a long time to find opponents it will eventually take more and more unfair matchups. Also you kinda play like a gm :’) so it is unfair for them anyways


I don’t play anywhere close to a GM, lol. Would I be silver if I did?

I don’t usually bitch about these things but this time it was very unfair… hope it doesn’t happen again


I have seen even worse matchups. Three top 10 gms vs three silvers… Nowhere near fun for both sides! But currently it seems not many people play teams. The best thing you could probably do is find some friends on the game and play with them! If they are around your rank the likelyhood is pretty high to get same rank opponents as well!

I do not think matchmaking is going to be changed. There will ALWAYS be unfair games in teams quickplay!


playing with friends is just breaking their algorithms… If people want fair matchups, they shouldn’t team up… If u want to win everytime, you take 3 gms and you teamup, you won’t loose :).