Matchmaking even bigger joke


OK JUST LOOK AT THIS WHAT RANKS AM I GOING AGAINTS 4 bronze 1 silver and ima gold 1 perfect
match code:HkAhglg0N.0


actually it isnt that bad, especially cuz it was morning/night (depend where you are) and there is not a lot of people at this time. bronze and silver are close of gold 1, you probably got in this match because there wasnt enought gold in queue


well lookit


Lol I was g4 a few days ago and then I got on with like 3 diamonds a gm and a silver (rip)


pfft i get put in matches with all bronze/silver all the time. They can’t really do anything to fix it because there just isn’t enough players


Yeh, I almost never get golds in my game. That lowers the game league average.


When I was gold 5 I would get in a match with a bunch of diamonds but then it would drop because of a random silver. The silver would leave anyway


They feel insignificant compared to all the upperclassmen in the game. I felt like that a lot.