Match replay from an older version



Is there a way to see match replays that are from an older update. I wanted to watch a replay from 2 days ago, one from before update 29. However, when I click the replay it says:

The replay was saved for version 28 but this client version is 29.

Is there a fix for this?



If you click on the link try exchanging the numbers in the link on top. There should be a 29 in version 29… just change it to 28


i did, now it says it is unable to find the replay


Currently this is not possible.
Technically it’s possible and we have all the old clients to render the replays but our servers are not configured properly to load the correct assets.
This is currently not priority so till that’s fixed there is no way to watch them.

Feels Bad Maan

:frowning: okay, too bad.