Make up some ludicrously overpowered buffs to powers here



Alright, so let’s say we took a normal Jump module, okay? Quite boring, right? I know how to fix that; remove the cooldown, and add 1 second to the duration. There we go.

If you haven’t caught on by now, just take a module and turn it up to 11. e.g make the scattershot fire 10 or have the trippy fever last for a few seconds longer.

Submissions to this forum game will not be accepted if the module is on for over then 15 seconds in your buff. Otherwise, go crazy.


Zap is a pretty good module but the radius is very tiny. So to start lets set the radius to 1/8 of your screen, and add 2 seconds to the duration. Cooldown will be 0,5 seconds.


Time Bomb explode too slow and just once!!! I suggest 2x
bigger explosion area, 0.2 seconds to trigger and 10 explosions


Stealth mines should be stealth ninjas which run after players and hit them multiple times.


Curve blind should actually turn the screen black for the opponents.


Hide self should let you go through every line and even the borders going out and in at the other side of the screen


Make time bombs radius two times bigger!


Fix homing missile


make zap much more far range and then increase it’s damage by 50%


Fix angle turn


well this is what it would look like… too op?lol
I would have done other ones but they’re not plausible.


Haxs on​:joy::joy:,and dont give ideas like those ones,how im supposed to escape from them now


Trippy should actually make you randomly turn at random intervals.

Also, Steer-less should actually make you inable to steer

Also, fever effect stacking! Low-Res Trippy!


laser should last three seconds, but you should be able to turn while using it, so you could just sweep the screen with it.




Hello, could you make the following?

-Scatter shot has 10 bullets with unlimited range(until they hit a curve or the edge), all shot successively and very quickly, with high damage and bullet speed. Each bullet can make holes in the curves like forward shot used to. The cooldown, however, is 5 seconds.

-Homing missile has half the cooldown, 1.5 times the radius, and thrice the speed.

-Laser has half the cooldown, slows your forward speed down a lot but lets you turn a lot more, with a duration of 5 seconds.

-Trigger mine has twice the radius, and explodes faster. It also gets triggered if an enemy walks a cross it, even if you didn’t tell it to. The cooldown should remain 4 seconds.

-Hide self does not deactivate if you use another module or you get hit. However, you still die if you hit a curve or the edge. Cooldown is 6 seconds. The duration is 12 seconds.

Perhaps an OP powers tournament/mod…

BTW, is there some way to make these myself without being a moderator or tournament moderator?


Moderators can’t do what robt is doing :confused:


Wait whaaa…bu…bu…but how? Is he a dev? Is there a way to mod free hopefully)?


I’ll make Double Shot have the two shots move like a helix, bounce off of walls and curves, and once it hits someone, it explodes with 8 Homing Missiles emitting from the explosion. The offense power for the Double Shot alone is 45%; the explosion be 75%, and the Homing Missiles be 30%.

Note: The module would only bounce 10 times or last for 10 seconds before it explodes (if it didn’t hit anyone).


Just to clarify Rob’s video.

This is not an actual bigger explosion.
The only thing he did was modify the client to create a bigger explosion.
Our servers are authoritive so you would still die on the lines exploded.

And for your information modifying the client can result in a ban, we do have ways to detect client modifications.