Lvl 10 module



Minor bug here:

doesnt really look that great, probs u just have to make the 10 a lil smaller or something like that


For a while I have an idea that all the types of modules should have the same level system. Because you always need to count, like “ok, he has his speedy only at level 4, it’s not a big problem” and then “wait… it’s actually already level 5 and then + 4 more levels: it’s 9! That’s pretty dangerous”. Why not to write that it’s just level 9? I’m more or less got used to it, but for newbies it’s not that clear of course. I think it’s better if all modules have the indication of real level, so starting from 3 for green, 5 for purple and 9 for legendary.


Hey, NICK … i pitched this idea several times to the kinda everyone :joy: this is really something that needs to happen imo. You explained the reasons pretty well


Level 4 speedy + 5 = 9 you mean


that is what he wrote :joy:

So it starts at lvl 5.

Well i dont think i have to explain this further :joy:

Btw an addition is commutative :joy:


congrats line for your level 10 module,op af xd,im looking forward for my lvl 10 normal mine xd,and lvl 5 reverse xd


To put a commun level 9 it cost 5k, and to put a epic level 4 its 5k
So level 4 epic = level 9??


i think its strong. i once saw someone i think theangelov using this and single shot and was killing it. I guess if one practices it and adjust playstyle according to this module ( like going very close to rivals), it can be very strong.


Exactly. I just don’t understand why they can’t write level 9 for instance for level 4 speedy to make a common level system for all modules. Otherwise it’s a bit confusing


with the new update ,that wont be anymore a problem :wink: ( upgrading modules removal xd)


The idea was to have “legendary” modules feel more powerful than normal ones, as a Level 1 legendary will be as strong as a Level 9 common. Anyway, this will be removed in next update, the rarities will be removed and all modules won’t have a level anymore :smiley:

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