Lucky crate?



You can change 4 gold crates into 1 lucky crate
When you open it ,you can get a free skin or battle points or gems or XP and it will look like a black crate… Just an idea.


Sounds great despite we experienced this somehow,very early we got lucky crates as well


Oh ok


I started playing this game when update 1.5.0 was out so im new player…( Edit : that one with power


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:did u say skins xd,(the rojoss’version of cookies)




Wiat…wait…wait 5 votes! OmG so cool!


I remember when I bought my first battery for 15 gems and and the next day update : removed battery
Me : gimmie my 15 gems mtf!


yep,also ppl who leveled up their modules to be vanished into the next update (in vain all that).
i thank my doubtness about spending credits those times,despite money were not worth at the end


Yea my sister started playing when update 1.4.1 was out…


My sis lost 59,99 PLN. (Ya know what’s PLN?)


lmao,did she spend real money?,its about 10 euros or not?,all i know is im here by assuming all negative consecuences, all we do is loving this game regardless we expose to lose our mental sanity


About 12 euros


And she spent 71,00 pln for some chocolate ( in one week)


Why ur account lags my PC?


hahah keep out credit card from her




Yea she is 12 years old


do my acc lags ur?


Yes ur account makes my PC darker…