Luck or Skill?



My friend thinks that Curve Fever is mostly about luck. I think it’s about skill. What do you think?

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Clearly skill. A pro player will always win from a bunch of silver players. The skill ceiling is very high

Why does your friend think it is about luck?


'cause if you hit first place with a lucky one shot or side shot, you basically instantly go to first


so why did you choose skill?


Since most power ups need to be learnt how to use well. Like mastering speed burst so you don’t kill yourself. Some people also master how to use one shot so they hit all their shots instead of relying on luck.


Obviously luck only.


Mostly luck :joy: no kidding it is obviously skill based… but you need to have some luck from time to time

Esspecially since the latest updates and the spamming of shots/fevers it got more in the direction of luck…


70-30 skills-luck,and you all know it😉


Shots aren’t unavoidable. Only noobs think that. If you are in a situation where you’re going to lose points to another player, just suicide.

It’s mostly skill, with some elements of luck. Just like many skill-based games, there’s usually a hint of luck involved.


Would love to see u dodge if 3 people with double shots target you :joy:


When you’re in a competitive match, sadly - the only way to win the match is when you’re in the 3rd place. Being in the 1st or the 2nd place usually means that you’ll have to suicide, as any hit will take your 30+.

We’ve asked to make the game more skillful & we got this. Oh and, shooting one player does not require skills, atleast not as much as it was before as new players have had hard time hitting people so they had had to make it easier for everyone.

Hopefully, in the future balance patches, there will be a reason to be the first, else you could rename this game to shoot fever luck.


It’s called having awareness. Looking ahead and predicting what’s going to happen. I’m not saying I’m amazing or anything, but I don’t have to be at a certain skill level to know that it is attainable


Lets think about this for a second. You’re in a room with 5 others of the same skill level or even only slightly worse so you are the best in the room. All 5 go for you since you are first and they all come from different directions. If you sui someone else will win the round, if you predict what everyone else will do and lets say for 1 of the 5 you predict wrong, you lose 50 points from a shot and straight after get hit by someone else who continued to target you even though you aren’t first any more so you lose another 30 and end up coming last. Sorry but right now this game is all about luck. Even if you have the skill to get 280 having been first, some idiot will let themselves be zapped and shot for +110 points to 4th place giving them 310 and making you lose.


The latest update has punished skilled players.

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Sometimes, Curve Fever is not luck, it is skill. For example, getting an opponent’s points using side shot needs some practice, I can say from experience, and you also need a strategy to survive each game. If it was luck, then this game would be very different from what it is now.


Apologies for always being that idiot :slight_smile:


I would say skills, the person who drives the ship has to know their surroundings at all times. They have to know where to turn and when to shoot. Watch and learn-


This is the right complete description of why suciding ,agreed to you,BUT…players like Line or Owl (couldnt say you bc of confusions) are 5 steps forward to avoid being targeted hahah,you two are so pro and smart/cunning by not being on first place at the beginning of last rounds :laughing::wink:


New meta don’t be first