Lost 200 trophies suddenly


I just lost over 200 trophies over the break except I was not on for the entire break and did not play at all for a 2 week period, and when I come back I am 200 trophies less. Please solve this issue.


There’s rank decay system. If you don’t play for a week you lose rank points.


If you don’t play, some your rank points get frozen. When you resume playing, you will notice that for the early games you will be winning more rank than you would truly have won against such enemies. If you play enough, all your frozen rank unfreezes, and then it’s the same as if you never stopped playing during the break. On the other hand if someone truly stops playing (or only returns occassionally), their rank will be going down.


Also sometimes it happens to just steal you some rank (even more then 100/200 rank at once)! Nobody really knows why this happens tho :joy: