Lose league points in 2nd place



I lost 2 league points when i was 2nd. is this supposed to happen?
I gained 2 league points when i was 2nd another time.


An expected final position is calculated from your and the other players’ ranks. You get (or lose) points based on how you finish and what was expected.
So e.g. if you’re silver and finish 2nd against golds, you’ll get a lot of point, but you will lose some when you finish 2nd against bronzes.


Once i lost around 10 points for being 2nd, it depends on rank of yours opponents


yeah depend of oppenants rank, like now i just lost 32 pts for last place against gold 4-6


Thats the disgrace of being top 3😂


imagine if i lagged with silver xd
-50? xD


I guess i’m a gold 4 now? lol