Login issues


Here a small update statement about the login issues.
There were about 50k users that were not able to login due to the recent changes with emails.

The issues should have been resolved now

The problem started when we got reports of people not being able to login.
We then discovered emails weren’t truly unique and you could register multiple accounts with the same email using different casing.
We have patched this in the last update so this should no longer be possible.
This means that the email address you fill in in not case sensitive anymore.

This resulted in some issues though were people with cased emails could no longer log in.
We thought that we patched that yesterday but we made a small mistake so had to load some backup data and and apply the fix. It should work fine again for everyone and there shouldn’t really have been any data loss.

As for the duplicate emails we had to remove those, obviously the accounts were not removed but instead we changed the emails to fake temporary emails. If this has happened to your account you should have received an email just now (it might be in your spam).

So yeah, if you can’t log in please check your email.
If there is no email and you still can’t log in try password recovery and if that also doesn’t work you can try the following.
For the login email put the email like so:
<username>[email protected] or <username>[email protected]
Example for me would be: [email protected].

One final note, if your email did get changed to a temporary one make sure to change it after successfully logging in!

Sorry for the inconvience this caused, next time we’ll triple check everyhing! :wink:
If you still encounter issues make sure to send us an email to [email protected].


Thats a pretty neat solution :slight_smile:


The problem is solved, THank u:


Thank you my account is back because of this update.


:grin: yay


I have 20 accounts,only happened to me with 1 and i was trying to log in for 30 mins :joy:,silly me