Live Chatroom



The Devs should add a live chatroom to Curve Fever, it’ll make a great feature. In the chatroom, you can add private chats and chat stats that tell who is the most active in it. And A person must have a forum account for chatroom?


Discord? :thinking:


It’s better if it’s also implemented in curve, isnt it? Right?:sunglasses::sunglasses:


would be cool the live chat feature into the the game(dont know if such feature could obstruct the current game performance) ,hahaha although developes should focus in the next step which is team mode with al its additions :slight_smile:
if i were dev,i’ll put some taunt emojis such as good luck emoji,noob ,kissing emoji,pro af ,etc where u can display them by pressing the space bar xd


Since they want to keep the Discord, maybe they can create a separate channel for IRC relaying with a webhook and connect that to the in-game chat!


Our Discord is an already good and functioning live chat. A big part of the community is on it together with the developers and moderators. You can make an entire new chat but why would you if you are 2 clicks away from discord? :slight_smile:


Some people can’t access discord