Link to Playtest


only played 2 games, but it was fun!

Performance was much improved and adding points for cut-offs is nice.
I think you can go live with it :smile: I will probably find some points to criticize then but to me it seems much better than the current version.


Okay, since this is feedback time,maybe one concern:

Right now suiciding sometimes seems like a reasonable choice.
When you already won some points and then find yourself in a bad spot where you estimate that you are more likely to lose than win points from here on, just crashing voluntarily is actually a good strategy I think…

I’m only brainstorming now and maybe it’s a bad idea, but how about when you crash you lose points just like when hit and those points then get distributed among all remaining players (except when cut off, then the player you crashed into gets the whole portion).

Of course new points still need to be generated.
So either the fixed amount of points you get for surviving also stay.
Or everybody gets a fixed amount at the beginning of the round.

One extra positive side effect would be: Players would have less motivation to avoid being cut-off, right now (also in the live version) cutting off doesn’t happen that often because a lot of the times you can just crash into something else to prevent it and not give your opponent points.

What do you think, is my concern justified?

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