Link to Playtest


Hello again everyone! :cookie:

Here is the link to the playtest:

Keep in mind though that the playtest starts tomorrow, Friday 27th of July, at 8 pm CEST. If you click the link sooner than that you’ll get redirected to a fancy countdown :clock1:.

Stay awesome and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Cant wait :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice countdown.


22min 1 sec :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:!


1 minute c:


Almost there xD

… Doesn’t work yet

aww :sweat_smile: fancy countdown fail…


technical difficulties i guess :joy::laughing:


… How to join it exactly? :joy: The countdown failed.


accounts dont work?


Victoryy xD

this was achieved …



try beat this! XD


xDDDD okkkayy


I cant log in :persevere:
Anyine had the same problem?


I liked the fever and the mine buffs, but they are so good that the overpowering modules are likely to suck. :joy:
Take that, Speed and Zap.


Just play with a guest account, it’s not the live build so you don’t have your account.


We will be doing one more small test of the new gameplay update at 3pm CEST. (1 hour from now)

Please let us know if the performance is better than the previous test.
The playtest will be live for one hour till 4pm.


i can’t play, page move me to normal curve fever pro


Sorry everyone, but we’re experiencing some technical difficulties with the test servers.
We have cancelled the playtest for today.
We’ll do our best to still have a test tomorrow!


We’re having another go at the playtest today at 2 pm CEST, hopefully, the servers work this time. :grin:

The test will be live for 2 hours.
And as @Rojoss said yesterday, please let us know if the performance is better than the previous test.


The performance is better than the last one.