Leveling up



Ok, as far as I am concerned there are multiple crates.
Emerald crate
Bronze crate
Silver crate
Gold crate
Spoiler down here

The farther you get down the level up road, the more crate become needed to do so.
This is where I am stuck lol

So is there any other crates or ways to level up fast? I am only lvl 45 and am stuck with leveling up. Thanks!


Sadly… There was a mega crate but it was removed… There is a Battle Pass with some xp rewards… Im stuck on 65 level


Its called basic crate, not emerald crate

BTW the spoiler is unnecessary, cos everyone knows that.


Thanks, also it wasn’t much of a spoiler but the blur tool is fun to use so I tried it out. Sorry!




The-Golden :heart:
Thank u


It’s not exactly being stuck, but it does take a while. I’m “stuck” on lv 64, although I’m nearly to lv 65 (not that I see the purpose of it).




Shoot ok I’m level 48 now and trying so hard to level up to lvl 50 because I really want the U-turn


Sadly I don’t hav tips


No, It’s alright! Just stuck, that’s all. I’m now level 50 and just opening as much crates as I can.