Lets talk about next battle pass!



Hey guys it’s BIGDROJAS here,

I’m here to ask about the next battle pass! I want to share my opinions about this season. For this season, I thought it was great, but I think it could be better. To me I think the price for the Battle pass was a little to much, 400 gems seems a bit to much. Maybe if they lower the price for next time tons of people would want to buy it. Another thing is people without the season pass, didn’t get that much, and it made it a little boring because it took forever to get those things. I think for next time put more things, not so much but a decent amount of skins, more leader hats, and maybe new powers? More skins is what we need for categories! Post what you guys think!


Yeah I think that the free pass was very underwhelming. There could be instead of a skin at the top tier of the free pass there could be a sort of premium pass trial. The players that spend the time to get that high on the free battle pass should be permitted free access to the first 5-10 tiers of the premium pass ultimately making them want to buy the premium pass more since they got a taste of it. Also maybe add some gems to the free pass in higher tiers. Gems are incredibly difficult to get in this game and make them almost entirely a pay to gain currency system.


Yeah, the price for the battle pass is a bit expensive, i suggest to be from 250 to 300 gems. Also, it was super easy to tier up, if it’s harder to tier up or there are +80 tiers it would be great!


I like the idea of adding more tiers that would be a really good addition.


It was infact not that hard to lvl up. So you could fairly easily get to tier 50. Some people did it on 2-3 accounts.
As for the prize, I agree on one side but on the other always keep in mind that this is the biggest source of income for the game and the developers and also the prize isn’t that much if you consider it being for 3-4 months.