Let's Discuss: Curve Fever 2 and Servers


Since developers probably don’t read the CF2 forum or pay attention to the game anymore, I would like to express my opinions on how CF2 is being treated right now.

People still play CF2. It is obvious devs don’t pay any attention to the game anymore, even though it is a lot more popular than CFPro. Does Hidden Monster want more people to play CFPro instead of CF2? As a CF2 player, I have observed as many complain about the laggy and bad servers, which are only getting worse. FFA Green Speed is unplayable, and even thin has some lags.

I would like to request for better servers in CF2, and maybe some revamp to reduce lag. Now for those opposing this idea, you may ask, “Why would we want to support an old game like CF2?” Here are my reasons:

  1. It’s better to have people playing any type of curve fever than quitting, and players from CF2 could potentially transfer to CFPro. If any new player joined CF2 (it’s more popular), it would be discouraging to even look into CFPro if the game is full of lags.

  2. CF2 is the original game, and predecessor to CFPro. Lots of people still play it, and the game still makes money (prem)

  3. CF2 is a lot more different than CFPro, in skill, playerbase, and especially gameplay. The simplicity of CF2 is beautiful, yet there are so many types of gameplay, making it much more diverse of game than CFPro (my opinion)

As a conclusion, I would like to request for better servers in CF2, as the quality of the game servers are evidently decreasing. If we support CF2, CFPro will improve too.