Let's change unnecessary emojis it the emoji thing



I have been going through the list of Emojis and there are some inappropriate ones and unnecessary ones that should be removed. I want to see If this post can get about 50 to 100 likes for this petition to make the forum a better and safer place!


what emojis do you think are inappropriate?




erm these are 150% appropriate.


Lol this topic…
Maybe only middle finger is inappropriate :laughing:
But they are just the standard emojis used worldwide.

These though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do not dare to remove the italian hand gesture :joy: I know it can be rude but it is cultural heritage and must be protected as such :fu:t3::joy:

As for people kissing :thinking: we are in 2019 that should not be a problem, no matter what gender you consider yourself being.

But still don’t you dare to touch my hand gestures :fu:t3::joy:


Those who think are girls but they are guys, and the opposite are stupid/crazy/not normal people. No matter how hard are they trying, they will always stay with the same gender as they were born. And if they decide to “change” their gender with an operation, that makes them psychopaths. I don’t care if some countries has already accepted these kind of people, but i will not. So, yeah, @Mudkipz is right, i think these emojis are inappropriate and they should be removed even after nobody has used them.


I’ve lived with 3 transgender people (1 in the same room as me) at school and have a few other transgender friends. I can assure you they are most definitely not psychopaths :joy:

Also, guys kissing guys and girls kissing girls is also totally fine. And being gay doesn’t make you transgender :joy:

I can assure you they aren’t the same thing.

On another note, this is probably the kind of thing mods should be closing, not troll topics, but potentially offensive political arguments. I’m perfectly happy to chat about these things personally, but if any mods have an urge to close perfectly valid topic posts, then this is probably a good place to start.


LIve and let live people!