Is there somekind of a leaderboard. Last year the posted sometimes a top 100. Why did they left that?


Hey Frankel!

Thank you for your question! You can check the leaderboard on our Discord server under our bot channel. This has been suggested for ingame but currently you can find that on Discord :wink:



Don’t look at the discord leaderboard either. Wont really help you since it is bugged!


Apparently it will be fixed in a week! And now there is an ingame leaderboard


Actually we just put a fix live and the leaderboards should be fixed in 1 hour.


Really,whats the cmd to it?


In game leaderboard is broken for me, I have 1790 and I’m not on it… I should be 23rd based on what it shows me.


You only need to play a game and then you should be gm! Also refresh with f5 the leaderboard :stuck_out_tongue:


I played 1 game and it fixed. I’ve been playing for a month trying to get to GM and apparently I had it the whole time… hehe


and now i am grandmaster LOL