is the leaderboard broken ? I’m staying at the same rank of GM no matter I loose (a lot) or win (a bit) :slight_smile:


yes, it is. I think the correct leaderboard you can see on discord


Something is definitely wrong, idk if it is the discord leaderboard or the in-game one though!


I am now sure there is a problem : I lost over 30 points without changing my GM rank :slight_smile:
I am now at 1810 and still GM71 (was not even GM with that rank few days ago)


Haha :joy: yup rank is bugged sadly… even less competitive plays :frowning:


yup and on discord I am something like GM30 :slight_smile: and the GM100 has a rank around 1650 :cold_face:


is there any plan to fix that ? It is quite discouraging