[Leaderboard] Curve Fever Pro - Camp Mode



Rojoss recently launched patch 3.1.3 which also included a new Camp mode.

I saw that many players gave it a try and decided to make a leaderboard.

If you make a new record or I have not included you in the list yet (because I am sure that I have not seen all camps yet), please let me know in this topic (mention your exact Curve Fever Pro username and camp’s time). It would also be super cool if you could include a screenshot or video of your camp!

Also, you might wonder what the difference of “Round time” and “Survival time” is. Well, round time lasts approximately 5 seconds longer because it starts timing already once the round begins but survival time only includes the time you spent for drawing.

Please note that I will only include people to leaderboard whose camp survival time was above 3 minutes.

Leaderboard can be seen from this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bzErb_-7H6G4qp8Jx2crqkK38IBgt0Ih_kYJ5IzlaZQ/edit?usp=sharing.

Happy Camping! :smiley:


I tried like two or three attempts today because I don’t have enough time lately but I believe I survived for more than 4 minutes but didn’t finish it. You can check in game Karelxxx