Lag while unvanishing



If the “insivible powerup” dissappears the whole game lags like ___…


Hey Gykonik,

Thank you for mentioning this! Seems like something interesting to look into. Did this happen only today or did this performance drop happen before too? If you have anything such as a video so show, that can always help out :smiley:

In the meantime, feel free to have a look at these awesome guides <3

If other people also have this problem, feel free to comment with your experience.


Nah this only happend today (yesterday) and this happend for all players in the round each time so this isn’t because of me. Sadly I can’t give u a video of this :s


We are aware of the issue, there are some rendering errors with WebGL causing a lot of lag.
We’ll be looking into it before we put it live again.