Lag spikes and performance profiling


lately we’ve been getting a lot of reports about lag spikes and I’ve received many private messages asking for help.

We’ve mentioned it already in the dev blog but we’re currently working very hard on improving the performance and especially the lag spikes. :slight_smile:
The past week we’ve already discovered a lot of issues and patched a lot of it. (update next week probably)
It would be great if we can get the game to run smooth again this week so that we can focus on other things.

I’ve asked people in private messages already for performance profiles so that we can see better what’s going on for specific setups as we only have like 6 different setups/devices at the office that we test the game on.
Instead of repeating the instructions over and over I’ll put them here. (see below)

If you encounter lag spikes you could follow the steps below to help us out investigating the issues and maybe even fix issues that are specific to your setup.
If you can’t be bothered don’t worry we’re working on fixing the issues either way it might just make it a little easier and we might be missing something specific.

Profiling instructions

Here are the instructions to create a performance profile.
This might be a little technical and if it looks spooky :ghost: just don’t be bothered. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Get Google Chrome if you don’t have it yet.

  2. Open Chrome in incognito mode (CTRL+SHIFT+N or ⌘+SHIFT+N)

  3. Go to the game,

  4. Press CTRL+SHIFT+I or ⌘+OPT+I for Mac, this will open the developer tools

  5. on the top select the tab with performance

  6. Uncheck Screenshots (and check memory checkboxes)

  7. Start a game (Keep the developer tools open on the side)

  8. Once the game starts press the recording button (CTRL+E or ⌘+E)

  9. Keep the profiler running in the background till you encounter a big lag spike.
    If you do, please leave it running for 1 or 2 more seconds and then stop recording.
    If the progress bar fills up you need to stop it and start it over again.
    Just restart it when the round ends if you didn’t encounter a big lag spike.

  10. Export the profile.

And the final step, send it to us.
Can send me a private message with the profile, put it here on the forum or send it on Discord.