Lag needs lag reduction


This lag got me bronze 4. Well… I have been bronze 4 forever, but still, lag reduction is what you need. I’m using my MacBookpro, and theres still lag. These owners need to fix this. But other wise i love the game. And also im better then SVO. Or not. Just depends who i’m battleing with. Well thats all i got to say.:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


i think everyone can have lags …
it depends on wifi


one time there was this crazy lag where i went out of bounds


oh and this other totally crazy lag where i was invinvible and was just goin over lines and didnt die it was great and the other guy just stopped and was flashing it was totally tubular well maybe not for the other party


Uh…Not always the wifi. Could aso be the server. You know. I mean i have good WiFi. Everything I use doesn’t lag.