Lag Issues... Again (But Worse)



Hi again,

I just wanted to tell you that I was playing a couple of rounds with a few people, but then… Uh oh – the lag killed me and placed me somewhere else for every few seconds. Most of the other times, I lost points for no reason. So, game:

What are you trying to do? Because every time I was planning to have fun, it’s like the game saying, ‘No, no, no! No points for you today!’ I’m sick of this lag and I wanted it fixed even more (or have to play the game offline – but it doesn’t matter), because is it trying to make me lose rank and get in a bad spot? I think it does. So, on the other note, I may not play the darn game if it persists to act way too pathetic and unfair.

Thank you so much,



I have no lags. This version is very stable and balanced.


Same very stable for me :blush: … balanced well :joy: i dont really think so but i get that it is hard to make it balanced


The lag still exist, Totally random., I was fourth by ranfdom and lost 16 pts. It sth to fix, although i dont know how.
After the game sth like this appeared


rplay rJjhSW_FX.0 just sad and VERY STABLE…


and another server crash rkOFGgFY7.0

all is good with the game hmmm…all in all i lost about 110 rank points just by getting kicked from the server since last major update, all players got kicked so its not on my end of the line.

cf3 was MORE stable…shame on…


Skbn5mYFm.0 and another one


I get lag issues too, I just posted here, if its not supposed to happen please advise what might be wrong, cheers