Kinda trolly combo



The trolly combo is - one shot and multi shot…
I want u to try to use this combo and win (its harrrrrddd)
Anyways dos reply is an example of using it…


Was once the best combo in game… svi got ti #1 with it


Woah rly?!




Its good if you are actually skilled and can aim :joy:
Which is not needed for a spam combo :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah ok ill try to win dia 2 only with dos combo


I use power dash and hide self. I just use my deception tactic when using hide self, then use power dash to make my line show again and dash right in front of someone so they die.


Lol but u can dash into a line


Yeah, but the Power Dash will break through it. :neutral_face:


But at the end of the power dash


Then that’s just really bad luck