Killing a person affected by own my fever should not give double reward


I think it incentivizes the players wrong that if I kill anybody I get points for direct kill, but I you first hit him/her with a completely irrelevant fever and then kill them, I get points for kill and fever assist at the same time.

I’m not saying that hitting sb with fever and then shooting them is not a valid way to kill someone: it is. But it is no better/worse strategy to do this compared to if one can just kill the player directly. If I can kill someone just as is I get +8, if I can kill them because I first affect them with fever which makes them more vulnerable to my attack it should also be +8, both of those are similarly good achievements and there is no good reason to incentivize the latter strategy so much more (almost twice the normal-strategy kill). All it does is stimulating to shoot fevers to no effect just because I intend to ZAP or shoot the player, so why not get twice that points if I succeed.


This is just 1 of countless issues inherent in the point system which can never be fixed in satisfactory way without getting rid of it. Surviving longer is the only fair measure with 100% positive motivation to play the game as intended*.

*) As opposed to suiciding your line etc. we often see in point based system.


Yes, I wholy agree with you, however this has been discussed many times over and there is nothing to be done about it since the Devs decided for FFA to be the main mode, so the most reasonable thing to do is to propose the improvements that would eliminated at least some fragment of the problems: the above is one of them.

Think about it in the terms that the issue of double reward (kill + fever) is very similar in nature (though less freqenently important) to the issue of rewards for AFK players. Both come from the mechanics of point system and one can’t even say there is nothing unfair about them (after all, every player has an equal chance of managing to kill an AFK) but they just incentivize players to something that is undesirable from the point of view of general game enjoyment.

Yes, removing the reward for killing AFKs didn’t “fix the FFA point system is a satisfactory way”, the point system is still terrible. Nonetheless, FFA is way more playable now that AFK issue was fixed than it was before, it removed at least 50% of my overall annoyment with point system if not more - so it’s great Devs decided to make this change rather than gathering at a meeting and deciding “oh, well, the point system sucks with this issue and it sucks without this issue, and it can’t be fixed in a satisfactory way so let’s not do anything about this and keep it as is” :wink:


Its more difficult to affect sbd with a fever first and hit him afterwards with direct kill.
So why shouldn’t u get a better score for combination kills…

  1. Because the effect is the same. It’s counterproductive to incentivize people to accomplish a goal in a pointlessly difficult way if they can achieve the same goal without this part just as well.

  2. Because “Its more difficult to affect sbd with a fever first and hit him afterwards with direct kill.” is not always true, for many fevers it’s easier to hit someone with a direct kill if you first affect them with Trippy fever, or Lo/Rez, or Blind, or Thick. Again, there is nothing wrong in using a fever for so that your direct kill is easier, I’d argue it’s the best way of using fevers, but it makes it easier to make a kill so why give double points for this kill? And consequently, there are also fevers which are irrelevant to your direct kill and then the “need” to first shoot a fever makes it more difficult you like say, but then again #1: no point to reward the pointless usage of them just for the sake of “it’s pointless but difficult to do, let’s give points for this”.
    Per reductio ad absurdum, it’s pretty difficult to be in one corner of the map and shoot a laser perfectly to the opposite corner - would the game be more or less enjoyable if you were given +20 point for accomplishing such a task? :smiley: Just because something is difficult to do does not mean it should be incentivized if doing it is pointless from the point of view of overall game mechanics.


Most of the players I’ve talked to, liked the current point system.
You also need more energys for combination kills.

Maybe there should be a voting to find the best solution.

… but before there are more important issues to solve.


I do agree it is pretty hard to do that, but what happens if someone else shoots the fever, then u get the kill? Who gets what?


Either with or without the modification, this doesn’t seem like an issue - if someone shoots a fever in such a way that I can kill them, they get fever assist: it makes sense that they are rewarded for making the player vulnerable. I’m not sure what you’re proposing since this is not a situation when I proposed any change compared to how it’s now.


I think that it’s fair that you’re awarded more points for fevering then killing someone, as it takes more effort (and more energy) to do it. You need to hit them with the fever then kill them, a task that seems superficially easy but isn’t unless it’s the start of the game and you spawn kill someone. The game is awarding you more points for more work and more resources spent, which makes sense. Finally, while this is a strategy used by many grandmasters, it isn’t taking over the game like LASR did when it first came out. It’s good only if you can play well with it.


What do you think?

  • Fevers should award +16 pts
  • Fevers should award +8 pts

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