Kick out of the room



I hate when someone kicks me off the room cuz im Golden and he is silver…


Well, if they don’t want you in their room, we can’t do anything to help you. You can always play with friends in custom rooms, so, instead of going into a stranger room, play with friends! :smiley:


Lol but my friends don’t play CFP or they just play at 8am… Lol


I could play with u @The-Golden,i was kicked like 7 times with my main account in quick games without letting me rejoin idk why,only gonna play custom as of now😭,till my sadness go by


:sob: btw but I play on mobile and I can’t see friends chat and global and friend requests… :disappointed_relieved:


the main part is that they kicked me out of my own room: HACKING


I had the same…


Maybe you have become a spectator after a minute of inactivity. That changes the owner of the room and you can’t manage ot anymore.


i was online the whole time waiting for them to join me like they said


That’s still a possibility. If you have been waiting longer than a minute and you haven’t clicked on a pop up button, then you have become a spectator.


The button did pop up thanks for getting back to me:)


but i clicked the button


You sure you have clicked exactly on the button? If you click on the tab and not the button, or outside the tab, it just hides the pop up. But you will still become a spectator after the time is up.


100% sure


Bruh really?