Just something I want to share with the curvefever community :)


I have written an article for the Breitbart News Network website on the issue of Multiculturalism and an example of something that I experienced in this game is also discussed there.
(For details regarding what I experienced, see my chat with a developer of Curvefever (Rojoss) in tournaments channel of curvefever official Discord server… Those who don’t wanna do that - Essentially what happened was that the name of my tournament team was changed by a developer without my consent on the pretext of it being “offensive” to some people. The typical case of political correctness and censorship)

The article is a commentary on political and philosophical views of Europeans (in general) and changes seen in those views over a period of time due to (forced) Multiculturalism.

I believe the issues raised in my piece could help in bringing a positive change in European society by raising the collective consciousness of the European gaming community, in particular, regarding the important issue of the effects of multiculturalism on the cultural expression of Political Humor.

The gameplay aspect of Curvefever game has been shown in a positive light so this could be good for the game from an economic perspective.

I hope I can expect some of you to show support for my cause when my piece gets published at Breitbart.

You will get to read the full article when it gets published (hopefully).

Wish me luck :slight_smile:

(this could be my 1st major publication)


Hello @meow

Thank you for your message towards our community.

I am happy for you to contribute in daily important matters concerning life. Though, whatever the subject may be, this being political or related to religion, it is forbiden.

There is no right or wrong about these matters in our community about these topics. Why? This is not the platform to discuss this. There is a rule in place which does not allow such content to be dicussed about.

The action taken has gone correctly. A moderator or developer may change aspects of your account or messages when these break our guidelines. Complaining in public does not help, please contact the staff member in private or contact our support service at [email protected]

Curve Fever is a platform to have fun and get away from daily matters. I understand what you are trying to explain here. I will close the topic. This to prevent any escalation.

If you have questions, please contact me in private.

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