Just let me do a quick play!



My friend, @firedragon always goes, “hey, what are you doing,” then, he turns off my computer during a quick play. Another time when I was at home, the second I go to quick play and play, we supposedly have to go. Is it just me or is it that every time that you do a quick play, something stops you from playing. (english teacher)


I’ve literally never done that! :rage:


Time to change your friends dude.
Turning off a computer during a quick play is insanely evil.
One of the worst crimes I’ve ever read.


Lol my friend asks are you doing a quick play… If yes he won’t. If I’m doing customs he’ll shut it off


but I don’t though!


lol that is funny


Omg :joy::joy::joy:


Wow, FireWizard. Didn’t expect that from you. Betraying your friend like that…


wait a minute…


My friends just don’t shut down my computer ¯_(ツ)_/¯