Just a regular day at work


Me too, my parents cook our traditional food, as we are indian.


i like indian food like tandoori chicken and stuff.


Awesome Peti :3

(I had a daal chana saag this evening SO GOOD)

Indian food is a vegetarian’s heaven .


Haha @Owl, VIDMAN loves meat. I eat chicken all the time!
But yeah, our food is awesome, but very complicated. Some stuff needs like 40 ingredients, which is why its very hard to find places that taste the same.


True, I mean I’m half-Indian though so I know a bunch of “recipes” (more like styles of food preparation rather than a real recipe) from both north and east India. Plus I can make british versions of Indian food which though different, is also wicked good!

EDIT: There is an awesome video somewhere explaining how to cook pretty much every indian dish ever, I’ll link it here soon.



What heppend to that link? Lol
Wow, where is that indian side in your family from?


Orissa/Odisha (I can never remember which one is the right one) and the Kashmir region (before the separation though).

And yeah, but at least the link works :3


Nice, my parents are from the south, in Chennai. I went this summer, and forgot about CF, which is why my rank is low!?!?


Whenever you have too much free time at work. :joy: