Just a regular day at work


Yes, my boss works on an other floor… :smiley:


lmao Where do you work?


In a basement, we hold him hostage and force him to play Curve Fever every day.


this is better than watching doubtful videos at work or school, +1 #curvefevereverywhere
i mean,the best way to skip the time in a boring working day :slight_smile:


If you guys have open positions, hit me up lol


Am I the only one that the first thing i see is the food and water?


food looks so ewww


It’s not that bad, come to america, they have good food, but they also have poison


i live in america. our food is nice but i was in europe last summer and the food was so much better there.


well foods are all subjective ,all countries have good foods and ewwwwwwww ones :joy:
like all countries have beautiful places and horrible places too xd


Nice! :hushed:



lol really, that food was some leftover catering from a conference :smiley: :smiley:


oh, thats funny, I thought it was apple pie :rofl:


Depends on where we get our food man! I mean, eating a McDonalds Big Mac every day is not the way to go!


ye but i mean the average food of the street is wayyyy better in europe.


Yeah, that’d what I heard, I’ve never been. They have some laws for food protections right?


ye more regulations and stuff like they cant have trans fats in food in europe.


lol can i work for u i have a phd in chemistry


Yeah, here trans fat is how we measure our food!


ye but i never eat trans fats. and my family also doesn’t.