Just a chat! & maybe a giveaway


Heyy so I wanted to make a topic just about chats! so in this topic, you could show a rank you just got to a record or if ya want just talk with your friends in the cfp community!
Because I am still on a mission to become the most popular and best well know cfp player there is a GIVEAWAY!!! This will end on June 4th NO SELECTED TIME YET
How to enter : be one of the top 10 most frequent posters on this topic!
idk what gift card ima use so vote!

  • Comment choice
  • Minecraft
  • Roblox
  • Fortnite

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Last remember that this is just a chat so have fun with it!
Any questions? hopefully not if you have one jump off a cliff and then see what you have to say!


Dude I a such a pro at topic spamming


Hi. This is just a post to increase my chances of winning.


tbh this was a big fail :pensive:


omg if that is it then i am soooo in :stuck_out_tongue:
also, pls forgive me for leaving ur server :pensive:
dad removed me from like 10 of them
send me an invite link again maybe (never expire and infinite clicks)
aaaaaand lookit my friendlist :sob::sob::sob:


big rip your dad did that lol


look at the post
even bigger rip :sob:
no more friends


So sad :disappointed_relieved: and soo many servers you joined


why?? How would you even get it to someone? this is a weird topic. But ANYWAYS im prob going to leave cfp soon to say that.


O no :frowning: sad


Eh I’ve already been super afk and the last person holding me back is pretty much gone as a hope so yeah :confused:






Can you or someone send me what it looks like :smiley: I can’t get on rn :cry:


Didn’t know if you heard yet or not


Oh no! Óoò


I have not been on discord :frowning_face:


I feel bad that the new battle pass isn’t happening, but also pretty good since I can’t get on curve fever right now anyway.


see you in 1000000years


Where is this “comment choice” I still have seen no1 choose