Joke Tournaments



Generate near-endless amounts of joke tournaments that will most likely never happen.

Simple as that, i can begin.

Line Fever Tournament

  • Player with most points at the end of each of their brackets moves onto the next bracket. The one that wins the end duel wins.
    [starts with 6 players each, than 4 players, then 2 players]

  • Angle Turns must be initiated at all times from the beginning to the end of the tournament by all players

  • Winner gets a Angle Turns badge next to their name as well as 50 gems. Bragging rights included.


I wonder what tournament @Line would make up for this forum game.


survival tournament!

must equip nothing and guess what else?

n o t h i n g


*cough cough* [OFFICIAL] - "Stealing is Illegal" Tournament - 5 Player FFA - November 25th 20:00 CET


Laser only :joy: if you don’t have laser feel free to play nothing


KO tournament - If you are bottom of the leaderboard in a round you have to leave the match.


Top 100 tour: those players that get gm status at the end of the month may participate into it,doesnt matter how many smurfs are in ,players will advance quickly rounds in this case :v


Cara ez win with 100 gm alts


*cough cough * im new


World Tournament 2019: Players from around the world meet in Moscow, Russia for a grand tournament of the year!


Why Russia :joy:


First country I came up with :no_mouth:


I want this so bad :joy:


The 11 Heavenly Rounds
14 pre-picked people will have a bracketed showdown! Winner will recieve:
A picture of them winning.
Some bragging rights.
A winged badge with their icon facing upwards next to their PFP.


No Power Zone:
People join a bracket tournament, where there are no powers.
Winner will recieve bragging rights and 1 gem.


Angle bomb: Exists


Interceptor Tournament
Everybody must have Speed Burst. No exceptions. The other slot can be ANYTHING you want, however. The idea is that everyone uses SB to intercept players.