I've been gone


I’ve been gone for like 3 weeks because I’ve been in New York! A big city in the U.S!
Had a great time but I came back home to say hi to my favorite community!
How are you guys?
What happened while I was gone?
etc. etc. :joy:
Happy to be back guys! :smile:


i was away to because i was on spring break


Nice to have u back again,there are no big changes concerning to the game,we have a new champ and the player base has increased till 500+ peak


Welcome back! I have also been away for 1.5 week so guess we missed out both :wink:
.Hope you enjoyed NY :slight_smile:


nyc is so busy but its beautiful

as a person who lives not so far away (about 30 minutes) i always feel bad when so many tourists over social media are like

OMG! NYC! WOAH! PIGEONS! DIRT! SUBWAYS! SO TRENDY! and in reality its just an overpopulated city

welp thats my opinion but cool!


Ny has the biggest amount of flowing people in the biggest train station in the world which was being remodelated ,just watched an old reportage from discovery channel,haha spiderman’s hometown aswell


so its so crowded i can basically like idk chew someone’s bubble gum for them – and its definetly not getting remodeled, too many people. also there are robbers and all that other junk

just my opinion tho