It's possible to make full camps in cf pro!


Although we don’t start from the edge, it’s still possible:-

my sloppy 1st attempt!
time - 10mins 20 seconds

maybe cf pro should have something like this

a cool video :

(Bloodred is considered to be the greatest player of curvefever 2)


Good idea. Looks pretty dope. However atm replays don’t work so it will be a little harder.


We need this kind of contest once a year xd,the same for olympics and europe vs world.someone maybe should create a schedule with these types of contest/tours either official or unofficial


another full camp by a friend :-


Yeah, I saw your topic (very nice topic) and tried it, too. I had tried full camping earlier, too, but it was when the ship spawned nearer to the wall in the beginning of the round. I tried one camp with recording, but failed at it, because it was way too laggy. So I tried then safely without recording and that is how it worked out. In my opinion, much better camps would be done in the contest, because if you get the “touch” right, you can do many insane things by that. Let’s say that “Bloodred camps” would be maybe made if you hosted an annual full camp competition for Curve Fever Pro.


its called corner turns