It's my birthday!



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Happy Birthday bro!


Thanks Big! (Although it was 2 days ago :joy:)


5th video:


it has been two days. :rofl:


Happy birthday! :partying_face:


Thank you! But it was 3 days ago :joy: :partying_face:


I gift you a discobot fortune. @discobot fortune : Will this man grow old? (btw I hope so! stay safe and wear masks! :wink:)


:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


Stop spamming discobot everywhere plz


Sorry. It wasn’t my idea btw. It was @therealIDONTKNOW. You can ask her she’ll admit it.


I just said I dare you and you said, “I’m going to do it.”


you could’ve declined the dare bruh


Sorry. Im addicted to challenge!


Please don’t put discobot commands in here. That is why I made the topic Discobot come to us!. For you to put commands in there. If you do this 1 more time then I will have the moderators deal with it.

This will be the only time I am warning you.

Thank you,


Happy belated birthday to you!


Thanks Jaan!


happy birthday even tho it was 4 days ago :laughing:


Thanks :laughing:


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