Its almost gone, after 1 year and 8 months we did it


I think the OGs know what I’m talking about.
If you remember there was a topic made something like Your battle pass score I know @Z3RO and @theangelov had some insane amount and now it’s probably 1 billion. So I think you guys know where I’m going before our insane scores are gone let us show off what we got to.
I am on my school computer and cfp is blocked so I have no idea what mine is.
Just a guess 5689___ the underscore is a blank
Im going to make another topic about something special 2marrow so…

with love the topic spammer <3


Im not even at lev 30


Mine is really low compared to others.


Mine is 67406.


both my accounts combined i got 523 852





And then another 50k+ from alts :joy:


On my old account (that got banned idk why) I had some huge number, my current account you all know has been around for only a year maybe less, my old account Person some of you may remember has about the same score.


Still no vip :frowning: Need the gems STAT


Im going to mute you if you don’t stop taking away my #no_tags


On what exactly?




No extra points from my alt cuz I’m up to tier 40 on it


For total account I may be at 500000 I can not upload anything like no pics