It has been an adventure


Dear community, (please read post fully)

This message comes at the wrong time… I guess it will always be the wrong time…

About 1.5 year ago I joined the moderator team. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was very new to this and had to followup an amazing lead mod. Trust me… the start wasn’t easy. I have learned many things along the way. How a community like this is so supportive of eachother, how everyone works together and always gives feedback to make sure you get the best game. I have met a lot of talented people along the way. Amazing people who help the mods, devs who put in a lot of work and players who help us workout some complex cases.

Why am I leaving? This year university is really pushing dealines to me. If I moderate and be responsible for all of you, I will do it with my full capacity. Sadly enough, deadlines are packing up and I can’t deal with the stress any longer. I feel like this is also the time to make an end to a beautiful story on a positive note.

I have always tried the best I could for this community. Being Fair, Correct and transparancy were what I valued. I know I have not been famous for some decisions, but all of them were with the best intend. Following rules… guidelines… those empty words, I know it’s annoying and hard. Though, I am responsible to make sure the community makes the best out of this together. The moment I joined I always told myself… “I start this journey and I shall not disappoint myself or the devs.” And so I have tried. Did I pave myself a smooth path? Nah, not always… by far. But making something work isn’t supposed to be easy. This adventure was a challenge and I learned a lot.

Let’s hope I passed my test right? Not to disappoint? Some will surely say I have , but I look back at this myself as something I am proud of. I was able to do more for the game than I ever hoped. I got to pick my own moderators and work together with an amazing team, which I trust in what they do and don’t. Did I pass? I don’t know but I know that I will look back with a smile and be proud on helping this game. CurveFever has found its way into my heart in 2014, something that will never leave.

Some people that deserve a shoutout (sorry if you’re not in there haha…so many people)
@Geert - Thank you, thank you for making this possible. You put your trust in me and allowed me to do this amazing thing. Saying that without you this wouldn’t be possible is correct. I got to meet you and you’re an amazing cool person.
@NoFlavor - Kbye! Hey, that’s an exit even cooler than dropping the mic. Thanks for putting up with me on an almost daily base. Without you I would have not been able to do half. You learned me a lot and guided me through some stressful times. You were the best Community Manager CurveFever has had! Whenever I see an ancient painting meme, I shall send it through :wink:
@Rojoss - Cookiemaster6900! Been here for a while and always been the developer you could always stalk for getting some answers. I didn’t really get to meet you in detail but… CurveFever has a lot to thank you for. I got to meet with many developers but you are by far the best one.
@XCS 1 good tip… if you say a little too much next time, laugh and pretend it’s a joke :joy: You’re an calm but guy with the right intend. You bring in the joke and cringe moments at the right time don’t you :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for everything you did for CurveFever… the community and myself are grateful for that.
@jort - JOOOOOORT, JORT, JORT! I always abused your name but hey, everyone knows it now :smirk: Amazing talented guy you are. Thank you for creating such amazing art for CurveFever. You made the difference when it comes to previous CF games. You are inreplacable for our community <3
@SojaBird - Didn’t really got to talk a lot but we did meet! You seem like a dude who’s always on the job but likes to have a good laugh too. I am sorry I left you out from some great memes I made. I know it wasn’t nice but… I knew that when Sojabird was in the team, he deserved an honourable spot!
@Line - You have been dealing with CFPro tournaments since the start. Thank you for saving me a lot of headaches and weeks :joy: I am very happy I got to work with you and you’re an amazing tournament mod. The players should be very happy with you, you are the best tournament moderator in years.
@the_hashtag - BRATWURST JAJA :joy: I loved how we could always have such a good laugh with weird noices in voicechat. I had so much fun :stuck_out_tongue: You have been here for a long time as mod and you are a great value to the team. Thank you for being along my side!

@Community - Thank you players. You didn’t really get to choose me as lead mod but hey… gotta do with what you have right? I have always acted to serve you all in the best way possible. I can’t make everyone happy but I hope I tried my best. You have all inspired me and without all of you playing the game… this would’ve never been possible. Keep curving! I will miss you all :heart:

I won’t disappear, no worries :wink: I’ll think back with some amazing and funny memories. It has been an honour and I am sad to leave but to every story comes and end. Me leaving is appart from any issues recently. I have been thinking about this for a longer period.
Who knows what the future brings?

CurveFever, thank you. :heart: :trigon:


It was an awesome time we had!
You have always been a contact for questions like: “Is this reply OK: [reply]” or “what shall I do with this rule-breaker”.
Thank you for your time you invested in this game, the Mod-team - training the new mods, stay in touch and most important answering their (sometimes stupid) questions.

Thank u.

Got a Flashback to this:


This is a lovely post and all, but what is this about? Are you leaving the mod team? Will there continue to be a mod team?

I genuinely don’t know what your message is trying to say sorry.


I am leaving the moderator team as an individual. The mod team itself will obviously remain and do what it has always done.


Thank you for sharing and I’m sorry that you’re leaving at this particularly uncertain time for Curve Fever. It’s Curve Fever’s loss.

I might be nice to put a line in the main post saying that your are leaving so that people know what this is about and not think that your are just stirring up a mess considering the issues with HMG. Most people know that you wouldn’t do that, but I couldn’t tell if you were leaving or not from this post hence I asked.


I have clarified the situation a little more. Should be all good now :wink:



Little did I know some days ago what would happen this weekend. The last 2 days have been full of sad news for me about Curve Fever Pro. Yesterday, I found out, that the company, that develops my favourite online game, has gone into a bankrupt and the game will not be updated anymore. Now, another shocker, Averazon, the Lead Moderator, leaving the team.

I must say, the things have not been always smooth between us, Averazon, but yet, I have huge respect for you, because the way you behave, is really nice. You have always followed the rules and have always given your best to pleasure the community, even though it did not work out sometimes because they did not realise that. I really hate myself for not standing up for you when you were being attacked by almost everyone. I know I should of have stood up for you because you were just following the rules and giving your best. I know that I have sometimes been a trouble for you and I really am sorry for that. I hope you will forgive me because everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Also, I would like to thank you for spending so much time from your free time on the community we belong to. It really deserves respect!

I hope you will still be active in Curve Fever Pro and Discord so we could talk sometimes and play against each other! :wink:

Best regards,

Alpha AKA Python


yeah it was a pleasure all time you guys have spent on here,now hmg is bankrupt, mods figure will no longer exist,or am i wrong?


mods will exist, the game will continue to be run, just no developers to make updates.


Really sad to see you go.
It’s been great having you as a lead moderator and to see you get more and more experienced over time.

It’s been rough of course with a lot of hate from some community members but you never took it too personal and handled it very professional. You put a lot of effort in the job so you defiantly deserve a bit more appreciation but unfortunately that’s kinda how it goes as moderator it’s always easy to blame the mods haha. But yeah, you always did more than needed, and you were always there when needed so it’s been amazing having you as the lead moderator.

Hope to still see ya around, and good luck with everything! :smiley: :muscle:t3:

And thnx for the nice words btw <3


And there we will meet again.

See you, u made awesome work here and I will never forget u :kissing_heart:


'Til we meet again, Averazon.
Good luck on your future endeavors.



Have a great time.


Oh no, this is sad news indeed. :frowning_face:

You have been such a big part of this game and community and have helped us immensely to keep everything running smoothly.
I have also learned a lot from you and I can’t even imagine how difficult my life would have been without having you to introduce me to everything when I first started working for HMG.
Thank you for all the time you invested and the help you provided to me and the community, it’s been a pleasure working with you!

I wish you all the best with uni and life in general and I hope to get to work with you again in the future!:black_heart:


Averazon Im so sad to see you go you inspried a lot of us.

Wish you the best, Rexy


Who will be the next lead moderator?im sure everyone inside the mod team can do it as good as averazon did


Wish you luck, you have been here longer than most of us <3