Is there any leaderboard so far?



Is there any leaderboard so far?

Leader board

Hi Kadziel!
At the moment there is no leaderboard. That will be something for the future :wink:


I’ll be looking forward to being #1 on that future leaderboard :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we have a leaderboard with the top 100 peoples like in cf3 also CF radio is pretty sweet, that would be cool to add


The devs are working on it, but there are things more important to change such as bugs as you can see… So be patient, cfpro is in its early dayzz


Do you know when the leaderboard will be out?


We have no information on when or how the leaderboard will be released.


oh ok


Maybe now you know? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly enough I still don’t extra information. :smile: When it is coming it will be mentioned to everyone :slight_smile:


Not only top 100. I want a leaderboard with all players.


It’s very hard to have a global ranking, mostly because your ranking will probably change every second (as soon as any match ends). I also think it’s pretty irrelevant if you are 35745th or 35463rd. Also, if you were to compare yourself with others, it would be really demotivating to find out you are below average, and half of the players are below average. No one really likes to be told: “you are bad at this!” :smiley:


but what about what you did for cf3? you had a live leaderboard for the top 100 players that was updated every 30 minutes. how hard would it to be to implement that?


A top 100 leaderboard is planned to be implemented, but not the highest priority. I also hope to see leaderboards in the game ASAP as I am a GM too and want to see who I compete with :smiley:


CF2 has a ranking for all players. I never made it to the top 100 in FFA, but I still liked it to see my progress (lets say from 500th to 300th) and compare with others there.


Any news ? :stuck_out_tongue:






Top 100 is on discord :joy: other then that, NOPE


Gonna close this as it’s a year old.
For the leaderboard you can go to and head over tot he #bot channel.
There you can write !leaderboard to see the leaderboard.

We will probably add it some day in the game but there are loads of things planned before that for sure so won’t come any time soon.