Is there any lag in your game


I was just playing a round like normal but others would run into one of my power ups and it says I got points but the thing just shriks (the icon) is this a tactik or just a bug


Sometimes it happens to me too, but it is just some lag.




same for me as Xightz


The game is multiplayer and played over the network.
So there’ll always be lag, we always do our best to optimize everything and re structure the netcode so that we add as little extra lag as possible on top of your own ping but there’ll always be your own lag and the ones from other players.

So yeah some times it can happen that you see someone hitting your fever and you get the points and then the server has to correct it because the other player did something to prevent hitting it like steering away or activating a shield. Our servers are the boss, they decide everything to prevent cheating.