Is the game dead?


Two months ago. The game was stable and there were weekly updates, mostly twice a week and sometimes even daily.

Something I (and likely many others) have noticed is how there have been fewer updates, the last one being a month ago. Is the game dead, or are the updates just on a hiatus?


The game is not developed anymore…
Yea thats sad


Shrek Be Like:

Good question.


it better geert expose as fast as possible a statement to avoid such kind of confused thoughts,we’d appreciate it☺️


this will be one of my last statements ever on this forum, some of you guys will recognize me from the last 2 years…to make it short: I was the hardest detractor 4 the devs work from the beginning, my reward was forum ban until the year 3000 whatever.

Unfortunately for the devs I was right with most of the things I wrote down here for the last 2 years.

Yes this game is DEAD it already was from the beginning.

The devs of this game have spent so much time to develop this game, in this timeline you could develop at least 3 games like this final version now, , the ones which was with cfpro from the beginning will recognize that they have done exactly that.
So much game modes was tested and stamped down nothing really worked out.

Of course now the money is finished I think even worst and HMG is going out of this adventure with high depts.
Just imagine the costs: Monthly salary of 3 devs for 2 years, working space rent (amsterdam expensive), server costs, tech equipment… I think you get easily to an amount of at least 150.000 € maybe way more. I dont know.

There was never any point this game was generating even 50% of the monthly costs.

But like Geert told me they have puting theirs lives into this project.

The list of mistakes they made with this game is so long I would not know where to start. Shortcut now, in my oppinion they was all together captured in theirs own ideas so that they blended out reality too long.

Best example: “We believe in testing” " We have not thought so much about monetizing so far" I think this comments was around 1 year ago.

So what can we say. It was a masterpiece of failing.

I feel a lil bit sry for Geert, I hope he has not ruined his live financically now, but I dont know.

cf3 was a bust cfpro even worst so the cf saga will end here. We have 2019 now, times are changing people minds are changing the gaming world is changing faster than light. Its not anymore 1995 so let it go and move on…

The competition, pressure and speed in the gaming industrie is so hard I would not go into this battelfield by free will on my own.

So thx for having a decent time the last years but now its over…

One last advise to Geert:
maybe you make an open source project out of cfpro…or try at least to sell the gaming codes of cf3 and cfpro to an asian gaming company, my stomac tells me that asians will like this whole cf3/pro concept way more than the actually west market, but I don´t know for sure just a feeling, like I was feeling this desaster from the beginning.

Heads up live goes on… my biggest rewards I always was getting after my biggest failings so maybe just sit down for a few weeks and reflect.

Good luck and the brightest wishes to all of the devs.

Its getting cold in Europe so time for me to go back to Africa next month…have a peace and joyfull life all of you…and dont take annything serious, the life on this world is too much crazy to do this :wink:

Best wishes


the game wasn’t bad in my opinion,but i personally never could play with decent ping :’( (im not way too good at this game,but i got lot of emotions though).My vision of a perfect game was one that wouldn’t have lag spikes by sacrificing game gpu performance and visual quality.It´s sad to hear that this game got bankrupt,regardless any reason,there were people who lost their employ,but im content that this game keep being managed undeteminately under geert’s hands,well guys ,every comment is acceptable within respect canon,have a good day :blush:


I think I’ve found an answer.

Thanks for writing this.




I mean, the steam release is coming out soon, the devs are probably putting their time in that


I mean, the steam release is coming out soon, the devs are probably putting their time in that

No, see quote from Geert, the company has gone bankrupt and they haven’t ceased development. It can only be assumed that that includes Steam.


Indeed. They didn’t manage to put it on Steam


… so the game is really half dead…
… so the game is ending in 2019…
… hope not…
… goodbye CFP…


i think the game will run like cf2 does,no big updates, this game as it is will be capable to sustain to a one person,with vip memberships,cosmetic purchases etc,if geert or anyone dont make an statement about this case,we all gonna still make assumptions


they should sell to ea (nfs heat)
they finally would have a real hit
after underground 2


I’ve seen the difference between the first Plants vs. Zombies and the second and The Sims. No.


You had multiple grammatical errors.


I honestly so far don’t think this game is deade but instead think it is a BANGER!


The game is just really less active than it used to be. For the first 2 years it had updates each couple of weeks, since autumn of 2019 there’s no team of developers anymore (the company is bankrupt). But there were couple of nice updates by former dev half a year ago. The playerbase is also decreasing as there are not so many new things. The game is still fun, but not as competitive as it used to be


I’m trying my hardest into getting streamers into playing this game. It’s not been going to well but I haven’t ramped my efforts up at all.