Is that a bug?



Do u know this if u make a hole and the u can drive over another line.

For example this:

or this:

Is that a bug?


no, you can drive through others holes as well. it is just lucky :joy: btw if u go through holes u gain points


actually that wasnt the question. What he meant was that he was about to crash into a line but got a hole in his own line which allowed him to live instead of dying.


Yea obviously, that is why I said it is just lucky :joy: if u get a whole and jump over a line u got damn lucky :joy:


It’s possible to intentionally make lucky jumps though. But you’ll need a lot of training + fast reflexes + good focus on yourself.


you can think of this as legacy of previous games’ mechanics. in Curve Fever 3, for example, all holes were timed (they would appear every ~2.5 seconds) and if you got the timing well you could even jump over the walls when needed, which I found really awesome back in the day.

in Curve Fever Pro, on the other hand, the mechanic is that you don’t die when the ship stops leaving the trail unless you go out of the border. imo it makes sense