Is Rikri Stardust's Alt?


Recently, I’ve seen some suspicion that @Rikri is @Stardust-12217411’s alt. However, I haven’t actually seen any conclusive evidence for this. So, today, I set out to prove (or disprove) this conspiracy.

The Evidence:

I’ve actually found out that this connection actually goes deeper than it seems. First, of all, we should use the fact that @Rikri has only been around for a few weeks, while @Stardust-12217411 has been for much longer. It should also be pointed out that their posts are fairly similar, and when @Rikri started to become active, @Stardust-12217411 slowed down.

Here’s another big piece of evidence: Recently, @Stardust-12217411 posted a thread titled “Insert Curve Fever Pro Drawings/Sketches Here”. Then, shortly afterwards, @Rikri posted an MS Paint drawing of Multi Shot. Both have seemed to agree that Multi Shot is OP, and @Stardust-12217411 soon afterwards posted a comment agreeing with @Rikri. So, what is this thread supposed to be? Simple. It was simply to funnel likes towards @Rikri, to build up @Rikri’s reputation.

Also, neither seem to have played CF3, with @Stardust-12217411 not mentioning it or CF2 once. @Rikri’s post in “Introduce Yourself” seems to confirm this. (Of course, @Stardust-12217411 didn’t post there to make it harder to make the connection.)

They also seem to be active around the same times, which makes sense because if they were really one person, they have to sleep, right?

The Conclusion:

So, who is @Stardust-12217411? Simple. @Stardust-12217411 wasn’t happy with how they looked to the community, especially since @Stardust-12217411 is simply a test account for the actual main account: @Rikri. Of course, it took a while for @Stardust-12217411 to actually make this shift, and still posts on their profile to avoid suspicion, but lower quality posts with less effort put into them.

My prediction? The two stir up even more confusion, in an effort to get the majority of users here to just completely forget about and ignore what’s really going on. People like me, though, will never forget the truth: They are the same person!


Haha, what’s going on here? :smiley:


What is this? I don’t see how me and Rikri are the same. We’re totally different people. Oh well, I’ll just go and introduce myself in ‘Introduce Myself’. :gift:


Just take this for example: Introduce Yourself

Truly, Rikri have a different profile (if he/she created one his/herself) that is nowhere similar to my profile.








New Conspiracy: Is Rikri/Stardust just trying to get attention? :joy: