Is matchmaking broken?



I am not 100% sure that this is a bug, but I’ve observed this behavior several times since the team mode was released, and surely it is not normal behavior.

At the end of a quickplay game, when 5 people want to rematch and the last slot is free, the game never starts. It just happened to me right now and we waited for about 5 minutes before people started leaving. We could see on the bottom right “2 in matchmaking”, “8 in matchmaking”, and so on with fluctuating numbers, but nobody was ever matched to our room.

Usually when this happens, quitting the room and selecting quickplay again will give you a match in just a few seconds.


It could be the case that all others are matched up in groups as well and want to play together, like that the missing spot in your team will not be filled! I am not sure whether this might be the case or not, but it is good that you reported it!


Yes, it is a known bug with matchmaking. If one player fails to ready up after a match is found, the remaining 5 players will be stuck in matchmaking state without being actually considered. For now the way to fix it is to change your team (refresh button).


Team matchmaking is removed.
Archiving this bug report.