Is CFP Bankrupt? If so shall we create a donation page?



Hey SG here,
I just wanted to hear your thoughts about a donation page for CFP because I have been told that CFP have become bankrupt.


That would be very nice but it would take a lot of people to donate. Cross our fingers CFP doesn’t die. Happy curving/ Happy holidays!


lol what a surprise… i guesss ignoring all cf2 community /competitive players ideas/thought who actually spent money wasn’t a good idea but instead totally going for a new 9 year old target audience type of game… how about that…


Most cf2 players actually never played the game, or left soon after joining… :joy: and they did listen to the ones that actually played the game :joy:


Lol @Line :joy:


how about you create banner advertisements?


so you killed CF3 to launch CFP and now CFP is going to die?


Well, I actually am not sure I just heard rumours and there has not been an update for like 2 months so that is why I thought it might be true. Even if CFP isn’t bankrupt won’t it be good to advertise the game a bit and give more money to the game. If you read my topic title is says “Is CFP Bankrupt” first. I am not entirely sure myself.


It has been rumoured that something has been up for a long time now and no effort has been put into actually informing the community about what is really going on…

Yes indeed the company is bankrupt since it is not making enough money. A recent interview clarifies this, you can read it here:•-hidden-monster-failliet-curve-fever-leeft-voort/

And it is confirmed here:

It would have been nice if we could have been informed about this through the forum rather than discovering it through hearsay and articles.


Even though I would really like to know what happens to the game I like and maybe we can even help somehow (like donation as some people said) I believe Geert has important reasons not to tell anything exact. As you can see in the interview he said: “The Steam version is currently” on hold “and it is still unclear whether it will come.” (if I can believe google translate :smiley:) It means that there’s a hope it will come on steam. I believe he’s just busy with a lot of things trying to help cfp and discussing unclear things in community is not the most productive thing for sure at the moment. The best thing we can do for the game is probably keep buying vip, skins or whatever to give it a chance. And be patient :wink:


I get that Nick and I agree to some extent. I am one of those who would have helped crowdfund the game and I have suggested this before. It just hurts when an article is released publicly on the matter and yet it’s not pinned in a newsletter to VIP members of the game - I had to do some digging to discover the truth. Efforts may have been made to keep it quiet (which I respect until the future is certain) but the fact is information was leaked a long time ago and once it starts causing concern amongst the community it is only fair to respond to that.

To put this into perspective, when I first started playing the game some 18 months ago, I remember Legolas saying even then that the game was struggling and would be bankrupt soon. It’s great that the game is still going and I hope it continues. Geert’s hard work is greatly appreciated and nobody wants to see it fail but when the community already knows what is going on then it’s time to talk to us about it - reassure us with the hard work that’s being put in, provide us with a donation page so we can be a part of this journey and help in any way we can.


I agree that even if he doesn’t want to discuss it now when the future is uncertain, I would definitely support the idea of donation page. I’m sure a lot of people would be ready to help. Especially if it will help to get the game to steam (which can be a big boost for the game).


I agree, maybe I am being a little hard. I think that I’m just as anxious as everyone else and some communication on what’s happening might help reassure and bring us together. Perhaps even show that there is light at the end of the tunnel. My intentions are supposed to be positive.

Imagine if we all raised money in our various workplaces/colleges, whether it be a marathon or a cake baking competition… I can imagine there being a topic, similar to the selfie topic, only with players from all walks of life posting pictures of what they are doing in their community to help raise money to launch the game on steam. It could take off on social media, become a hashtag globally and even make the newspapers… People respond well to community driven projects especially when the odds may seem against them.

Steam would be very good for the game especially if it ends up in a humble bundle of sorts - lots of potential for new players. Geert if you are reading this - never give up on your dream, talk to us when you are ready and if it comes to it don’t let go of this without giving us a chance to crowdfund it! You have our support.


So I have decided to rent my account to friends for a fee and all donations go to helping CFP. Doing this to multiple people I will raise probably around 150-200 pounds but we will see how things go. #savecfp


Even if the game doesn’t need it, free money to myself :joy: :joy:


This was one of the ideas I had and did. Maybe if we think of more like this we can save cfp but everybody has to work together to make it happen.


lmao who would pay 150-200 pounds to get a cfp account?


@Rice You misunderstood me. Multiple people would be renting it and I raise 150-200 pounds in total.


Wait a sec, so these guys know that’s its free to create an account, and that they could spend their money on their own skins and such, but they’d rather give you money to rent your account? What if 200 players want to use it all at once? xD

It’s fantastic you have lots of friends that want to play, keep spreading the word! However the best thing you can do is getting them to purchase battle passes or VIP on their own accounts :slight_smile:


True Zero. Some people just wanted to play the game with all the powers so I was like you go to pay though and they did. I know one of my friends used my account to let people know about a song that he made. I will continue to spread the word about CFP.