Introduce Yourself


i just noticed this topic so i will present myself as other,

So my real name is Max, im 13 years old and i lives in the lost country of Canada, i started playing cf3 since the start, when i was a noob my idol was @Vathes ( when i finally beat him i was so happy c: ). A few month before cf3 dies (R.I.P best cf game) i got top 1 for 30 sec. and becaming officialy the youngest top 1. Then, as many player i started playing cf pro and i tought it was shit game, but now its my favorite game (ofc not ahead of cf3)

best player who still playing: @Owl

best player of all time: @Legolas

best combo: Lasr and trigger

goal in the game: reach legolas (244 more pts!!)

best rank: 1864, top 4 (actual rank)

best friends: @Paul_21cl and @Caracoleh767


Thought your idol.was ekko😂


Both but no one cfp player know ekko


Following the replies line ,i’ll say a bit about me
Age:26 y/o birthdate:26 may 1992
Height: 1.71 cm
Weight 74 kg
Birthplace :concepcion,8va region, Chile
Blood type:idek,wouldnt like to be an special one
Occupation:unemployed,i just make
Sporadic works i dont have any profession,left the accountant career when i was 18 ,but i have a trade like welder ,didnt practice much :joy:though
Hobbies: 1play soccer,2 draw comics ,3 watching youtube/twitch and soap operas
Marital status:single,looking for a serious relationship
Typical food: chicken and rice w/sliced onion and like to eat hot dogs too ,called here “completos”
I wont tell anything related with cf😂until xmas