Introduce Yourself


New to Curve Fever Pro or already a regular player? Whatever the case may be, this is where all of you lovely curvers can say "Hi":wave: and introduce yourselves to the community!


Hi there,
I am Hrvat and I hate steerless and trigger modules.

I’ve been playing this game since 2011 (or early 2012), all back to the original CF, in elementary school.


Hi, I’m anja and I love time bomb and stealth mines :wave:


Lol anja i think u are boy XD

My nick is Ozzzj, im playing cf from 2014 :slight_smile:
I am 17 years old man from Poland :stuck_out_tongue: In free time i like play cf and train in gym.
I love trigger XD




Hiya, my name is Nate, or Idontevenknow and i’m an 18 year old player from the US. (God Bless 'Murica)

I’ve discovered cf3 in school sometime around 2017 and got as far as master 3 for like 2 games and then gotta beaten down to diamond 1 and played in diamond all the way until cf pro was released

Now i’m a GrandMaster in cf pro and i’m guessing its because the game feels more slower than cf 3.

My fav combo is L.A.S.R and Double Shot.


Real name: Kaleb

Age: 25

Accounts used: Legolas, Eternity, BloodGem

Names given by the community: The orange man, Sniper on steroids, bomberman, lifeless, Gay(most used one), Crate ruiner… and many more.

Favorite keyboard: Corsair K65 Rapidfire

Highest rank FFA: 2057

Most powerful module: steer-less

Most powerful module combo: speed+zap

Best player for me: Bantonaut

Talented players: @Aktyn, @Heya, @pols, @NICK, @noelnadal, @gandalf, @GeraldFitz, @p.peti, @Turtle, @Owl, Arrow, Zed, Diamaster, Ozzzj, Corn, Kuddel, Technojunkie, Smit21, Zach, kiefer, De grunste, Embryo, (T_T), Playerone, hohoho, Line, Alpha( the legendary jaan), Maluku, jarjar, cong.

Possibly the worst players: Gykonik, panzergrenadier, kompoweic.

Biggest noob and sore loser: Hrvat.


Hi, I’m 21 years old Turtle from Czech Rep (pls google it), but mostly I’m called “noob”, “that a*****e with steerless”, “el-trut”, “Ozzzj killer”, “f*cking reptile” and occasionally “the most annoying player ever”.

CF Pro is the only CF game I’ve ever played, so I’m still kind of newbie in this community. But I’ve already had the pleasure to meet some really great guys. :slight_smile:

My favourite module combo in the game atm is trigger+zap, but I quite often use homing+oneshot and steerless+oneshot as well. On the other hand - I’m terrible with any speed combos. Turtles are just not supposed to be quick, I guess !! :joy:

I play just for fun, don’t care about rank that much. This game is one of the best I’ve ever played and I can’t be more excited about that new incoming update!

See you all in the game!


Hi y’all,

I’m pøls from Denmark and I’m too old to die young. I always call @Turtle “THE turtle” and I think that he is perhaps the player with the best sense of humor. I pretty much agree with Lego on who the top players are. To me it’s probably @Legolas himself, @Bantonaut and Smit. My favorite player by far, tho, is TechnoJunkie who has (or is it had? Haven’t seen him in a long while, sadly) the most inventive playing style of all players.

I started out late in CF3 but managed to enter the top 100 near the end under the same moniker. People don’t call me anything, I guess, but I like to think of myself as “the long range ass bomb master”. If you have played against me, you will know what I mean. People often refer to it as “pooping”. Incidentally, “pølse” actually means “poop” in Danish. So creating a profile with this very name turned out to be prophetic (but it also means “sausage”, tho).

My favorite feeling is being hit by steerless and then taken out by one-shot afterwards. Or is it?

See you all - and also hope to see you back sometime too, Lego - and not just in the forum :wink:


I’ll take the compliment, @Legolas, although I’m not sure I deserve it. :blush: Also I’ma straight up copy that format.

Real name: Olórin

Age: >3000 years

I’ve been playing CF on and off for six and a half years now. I remember when the games was called Achtung die Kurve and you could get an unlimited premium account for 5 bucks. I’ve played around 4800 games of CF2, a couple of CF1 and CF3 games and, as of right now, 1255 CFpro games.

Accounts: Gandalf (Gandalfx on CF2, no longer playing)

Favorite keyboard: Das Keyboard 4

Highest rank: no idea. When I focus I usually end up in the lower to mid GM ranks. When CFpro was young I made it to GM8 twice.

Most powerful module: I don’t have steerless and I suck at bombs, so for me it’s laser, seeker missile and zap

Best player for me: Legolas - not even kidding. With other top players I just get rekt but Legolas reks me in the kind of casual drive by shooting style that nobody else can.


I’m Noël (yes, my handle is my real name as well), I’m 20, I’m live not far from Paris, in France. :fr:

I started playing in 2014 I think, we had a computer in our classroom and we would play CF1 with 5 or 6 people on the same keyboard. :smile:
Then, I played CF2 for quite a long time, I reached 1591 I think, but never got to be a top player. Same for CF3,
and now I’m playing CF Pro (2521 matches, 14 ships) where I seem to be slightly better. :joy: You probably already noticed that I mostly use Speed + Zap.

Apart from this, I’m studying theoretical computer science. I’m also a not-too-bad Tetris player (31.996s 40 lines sprint), I like stuff related to coding, and I play fencing (foil).


hey guys,

already some very nice introductions.

I’m 23 years old and from germany.
Working as a purchasing manager by a big furniture manufactoring.

… and here is my little cf-story.

The first time I hit cf2 was 5 or 6 years ago.
Was a kind of funny story. I’ve been playing need for speed world in a big german gaming clan. For their 5. anniversary, they collectet a lot of money and made prizes for mini-games.

Curve fever was one of them. There were already a lot of players in the clan, that had expierience with that gameplay (I think around 1,6k rank) but at the end, they all got rekt by a newbie :stuck_out_tongue:
So I won 50€ and that was the point, where I startet to play cf more and more.

My first registered account was £egendary, which reached 2k ffa after 1 month.
My more famous accs after some breaks are RayZeR™ (2,1k ffa & 2,2k team) and finally Bantonaut (2,2k ffa and 2,3k team).

There was also a time when I joined cf3.
I got one time 3k rank (#1), but also got bored after a half year and I went back to cf2.

After another long break I came back and heared about a new game called CFP. Well I wasnt active during that time, so I missed the release date but in March I finally startet this nice game. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I`ve the feeling that the half community is hating me for my playstile, but well idc really much. Without haters u dont know that ur good :wink:

The be(a)st players for me:
Lego (the living legend)
and my bro Smit

Favorite Module:

Best Modules:
Trigger, Steerless and Speed-Zap



Nice topic, so i join as well. :slight_smile:

My real name is Peter, I’m 22 years old from Hungary :hungary:
I’m studying computer engineering, and working as an IT specialist and system operator.

I’ve been a professional baketball player, also used to be a member of the hungarian national team (at my age group), and I used to play in the first league team of my home city. Sadly i had an LCA rupture (knee) and a surgery, so I’m not doing it competitively anymore.

I started with CF3 around a year ago and played it until the release of CFP. I finished 2 seasons as GM, but got bored a little bit after having all the purchasable stuff, and reaching top100. Fortunately CFP has started that time. :smiley: The top position was around 30-40. My nicks were p.petiii and DunkeN.

Besides CF3, i’ve played a little in CF2, but just occasionally, and started this kind of games with Zatacka (basically a CF for LAN).

My fav combinations here in CFP are steerless+1shot, and basically any fevers with 1shot, and trigger+shield. I’ve reached top1 a couple of times. My top score was around 1950, but it was way too boring there, so i’ve lost motivation. Now i’m playing pretty much only for crates and i’m waiting for the update and the varied game modes.


So I can introduce myself too :P. Jakub from Poland. 21 years old in the September :slight_smile: .
I am player since Achtung Die Curve (6 players on one keyboard, it was something!), on cf2 since 2013.
My favourite (or I just have it lol) is shot (I love watch when others are calling me “AIM OMG” <3) + laser.

Hello everybody :heart:


So yeah,
I’d also like to introduce myself, I think it’s about time.
I’m a 21 year old student from Serbia. I started playing cf3 not long before it was announced it would be closing down, so I moved to cf pro, and I loved it. Alas, summer came and I went home, where I had bad internet, and I took a break.
I came back to this game 4 days ago, and boy, I instantly fell in love with this mode.
Most hated module combo in the game when I played it a bit more actively was speed+zap.
My most favourite combo was, and still is, trigger+zap, and I kinda feel sad that they nerfed both of the modules, but I guess I’ll manage. I got called a “pro”, and a “good player” a couple of times, but that was mostly from guys that didn’t play the game as much as I did, so I don’t think it counts.
I made it to GM25, and was pretty happy about it, but I did quickly lose it :frowning:. Since starting again, I play just for fun though, and I don’t think I’ll care for rank as much as I did.
Also, players that I really enjoyed playing against were Heya, Owl and p.peti, since they all seemed like chill guys and were ready to chat ingame. Also, I remember watching Heya at the first unnoficial tourney and I got amazed by the “unorthodox” combos he made work :smiley:. The best player for me is, undoubtebly, Legolas, I really hated getting into a crate game and finding him among the players :tired_face:.
That’s about it, I’ll probably be playing this game again to pass my time once the semester starts, and I hope I’ll bump into you guys again sometimes, since you all seem like a nice bunch :smile: (whew, that was long).


Hello! I’m really new to this game, so I’ve only unlocked 2 modules beyond the base 6, but hopefully I can get a lot of the rest soon.

I’ve never played CF3 as I stopped playing CF2 around a year ago.

My favorite combination currently is LR fever (IK it scales badly) and slow down. I’m about to unlock zap though, so I might find I like that.

Honestly, this game is kinda repetitive (on top of the fact that getting into top 100 doesn’t even seem that hard), and I hope to see more features implemented soon.


Good aftermorning everyone,

My name is Patrick , I’m 22 years old (since last week lol) and I’m studying for auditor (in dutch: “registeraccountant” or “accountant-administratieconsulent”). While I study I work a day each week at a auditcompany to gain work experience to develop myself in some specific subjects. I live in the east of The Netherlands (as you already might had noticed), close to the German border (15km).

I used to play cf2 for a long time, a part of them as paid player and really enjoyed the game. Although I made the decision to step over to CF Pro, for its amount of players and not drowning in the ‘old’ game. I’ve been playing with name “Accountant P” there.

I hope to see you ingame, have a lot of fun and greet you all on the forums!




Hi, Curve Fever Fans!

Real Name: Darion Matehuala :sunglasses:

Birthplace: North Carolina, USA :us:

Birthdate And Age: December 17th, 2004 (currently 13) :tangerine:

Favorite Racing Games: Ridge Racer 7, Cars 2, and Mario Kart Wii :red_car:

Favorite Fighting Game: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 :trophy:

Favorite Module: Multi Shot

Favorite Combination: Double and Multi

Best Players: Bantonaut, Legolas, Ozzzj, Diamaster, etc.

Highest Rank: 1514 (?)

Current Rank: 1496

Account: 12217411 (may use guest accounts)

What I Like Doing: Making video game concepts and being creative

(P.S., me and Rikri are not the same – see? Also, I never seemed to play CF3)

Is Rikri Stardust's Alt?

I made it on to your list of best players! :smiley: Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m DiaMaster, I’ve been playing CF for about a year now (I started on cf3), and I live in the United States. :us: :confounded: :roll_eyes:


Well, My name is VIDMAN (thats all you will call me…) and I live in North Carolina like @Stardust-12217411 I am a Teenager, and some other games I play include Star Wars Battlefront 2, Fortnite, Rocket League, and Forza. I have played CF since 2015, and have only played CF3 and CFpro. I am not good at all, but I love playing. My favorite module is Z.A.P, and I mostly use it with shield or homing missile(which needs to be buffed) My favorite player, even though I haven’t seen him lately is @theangelov, and all Americans :us:. I have 2 accounts, VIDMAN and PaperVidman1. All Americans comment for us!!! I like to code and program anything, and in my free time I play golf and watch football :football: (go panthers) .
Well I hope to see yall…