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You live in a country don’t you? :thinking:


Yeah, i’m living in a country, but i haven’t visited any countries



i have visited 15 countries in europe alone. I have also visited China, Singapore , Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.


but i only know 1 language :stuck_out_tongue:


Who is better?

  • Cole
  • Alpha
  • They are not same person!!!

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I miss the option that says: ‘they are both the same person’ :wink:


Don’t expose!!!


Alpha Cuz he havent use shield in the last tour :stuck_out_tongue:


nice poll


The new Battlefront 2 is really good now. I have it.


best cf song goes to…


oof! am I going to have to come out with a rendition of a cfp song? i gotta be in this poll…


If this gets 25 likes I will do my own rendition of killuminati’s song.
Or if it’s desired that I make cfp song ill make one and sing it.
Either way need 25 likes.

  • CFP new anthem
  • killuminati’s cf2 hit

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Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


My fishyy song is Pure god

  • Potato chips
  • Fries

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What is better?

  • PlayStation
  • XBox

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Lego is trash.


Best shot?

  • Single
  • Side
  • Scatter
  • Homing
  • Multi
  • Double
  • Who even uses shots, anyway?

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