Insert Illuminati Joke Here



For this topic, you enter anything that seems unfamiliar to you, and then you make an Illuminati-esque reference out of it.

For example: Why is it called a ‘French Horn’ if it’s not French?

There’s no limit to the amount of cringe or straightforward dialogue you want to make on your post. Without further ado, good luck! :+1:


Why is it called a “Great Dodecahedron” when it’s literally the icosahedron, but with the emptied spaces?

(Cues Illuminati Music)

Seriously, you should see it yourself. :wink:


A peanut is round. But if you cut it, it can become a triangle. Peanuts are related to humans, because we eat them. So this means that ALL OF THE HUMANS ARE INVOLVED IN Illuminati


why is a a noob a noob?


This makes no sense


Ikr xD


This can potentially become a meme at this point.