Insane shots collection



Thats making teh guy angry and he will throw his PC or Phone out of window :rofl:


What does it mean?



This one needs to be shared :smiley:
This is not about an awesome shot, but the way i managed to find out every little move of the opponents, and the fresh moves i made. :smiley: I don’t even know, how did i survive all these moves :smiley:




Alright, I think this topic is getting more about just awesome plays, not necessarily shots :joy:
Here’s me (joker skin) surviving reverse with speed zap, I think it looks neat

(P.S.: full game here)

CFPro GIF compilations

Nice Taras!


Round 6 (sorry it is not a gif)


Nice laser but u could escape Beer’s laser…


I really want to know how to make those pickup things. How do you turn them on?


@Random-Dude in the settings of the room u can choose pickups


it umm… is not insane… but took a while :sweat_smile:




OOF i am a noob so I have no cool shots or anything
but i did steal about 752 points one game thats all


I’m getting a flu shot, so that counts as an INSANE shot, right? :smile:


Haha, nice try, but i think this topic is about insane shots/plays in cfpro, not about other types of “shots”


Watch round 4, the first shot is just too OP, next I outplay an dia 4 player.


Nice shots!


6 shots in 5th round 158 points gained thought it was a lost game for sure


Dude, what a comeback, nice shots!